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Pet Massage for Health and Happiness

   Massage is now recognized for its remarkable healthful benefits to pets, as it has long been known to people. While massage has been practiced on racehorses and zoo animals for many years, it is just reaching a close-to-heart-and-home population of the animal kingdom: cats and dogs.
   For any animal, massage is more than just petting. It's a total body experience that heightens a pet's senses. Massage uses deliberate hand strokes combined with speed and pressure for an intentional and focused healing touch. Massage releases endorphins, the body's "feel good" substance for well being, good health and relief from pain
   For optimum health, animals depend on the movement of fluids circulating throughout the body. Each cell requires fresh nutrients, water and oxygen to replace and expel toxic and stagnant wastes that build up in muscle and tissue. Some toxins are naturally occurring by-products within the body. Some are bacteria. Some are from food, water and air. And massage is an effective way for flushing toxins and keeping fluids on the move. A refreshing and revitalizing massage also aids pets' immune systems in maintaining the necessary balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria to protect against infection and disease.
   Besides circulation, massage directly affects nerves and organs and indirectly affects the mind and body of pets to help cope with stress and pain. Major nerve pathways carry the message of relaxing touch of massage to the brain. These pathways are thicker, faster and more numerous than pathways that carry pain messages, so they actually override the pain sensation and signal the pet's body into a more relaxed state. As the relaxation progresses, tight or sore muscles loosen, aches and pains are reduced and stress is minimized.
   What will you see after your pet has a massage??? You may notice extra energy, playfulness, or some sleepiness and calmer demeanor. However, what you cannot see on the inside really counts, too. For starters, your pet has increased nutrient absorption for good health, a stronger immune system to fight disease, and fresh blood circulation for accelerated healing. Massage on a regular basis can potentially add years to your pet's life and delay the onset of old age. And when old age inevitably arrives, a faithful massage regimen continues to provide comfort and well being for your devoted pet.
   As a dedicated pet owner, is there anything more important than maintaining your pet's good health? High quality food and daily exercise, regular veterinary care, and a loving and comfortable home are the top priorities in your pet's well being. Next, consider massage in your pet's health and happiness care. After a revitalizing massage - which is performed by certified pet masseuse or by a trained pet owner - you will have a very appreciative cat or dog that loves you for caring enough to provide a beneficial health care need.

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August 22, 2002

Pet Massage

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