Satisfied Clients


"Clipping the nails of my cat used to be a major event. Since Lynne began his massages, which include his paws, he now is cooperative and willing to let me do his nails without any fuss."  
LD, Southborough, MA
"Since Sheba has been receiving weekly massages, she's back to her 'tail-wagging' self. She's enjoying her walks with new energy and has even become more sociable with other dogs. Sheba is happy again and I'm thrilled with the results of Lynne's massages." 
MM, Boston, MA
"Animals really respond to Lynne's warm, grounded presence. Her gift for this work reflects the passion that she has for connecting with animals and helping them heal and thrive."
LL, Somerville, MA
"Lynne is highly intuitive with pets. She also has the invaluable ability to take concerns for your pet and create a plan of action for its well being." 
MW, Andover, MA
"When my golden retriever receives a massage, she has a 'meltdown' of relaxation. Not only can I observe she is enjoying her massage, she's also being relieved of her discomfort with the onset of arthritis. I'm pleased to be able to help my dog in this way." 
NP, Newton, MA
"Lynne is a warm and caring pet lover and I recommend her highly. She is a delight to work with. Along with my dog, Max, your pets will love her too."
SS, Newton, MA

Pet Massage

Lynne Flanagan
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"The right touch for your pet."